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What are the attitudes that IT employers value?

When a IT employer is looking to hire a new employee they look at three different skill sets: there attidude, what general skills they have and there industry specific skills.

In this post i will describe the attidudes that employers look for in this post.

Attitudes that are valued by employers

In the IT industry there are some attitudes that are valued above others, becuase these ones can create a more productive and work friendly employee. they are the people who would be more likely to get the jobs. here is a list of attitudes that employees would appriciate.

  • A Can-do-will-do attitude
  • Creativity
  •  The ablity to listen to customers and other employees
  • Being interested in the job
  •  Adapability
  • Being able to manage your time 



The benifits of these skills:



employees that have a can-do -will do attitude are the ones that will get the most work done and wont be inclinend to not attempt harder projects.


 employees who are creative will have more ideas and substance they can bring to a company

Listening skills:

 employees who are able to liesten to advice and, constructive criticism can revise their work style and improve their work.

Being interested in the job:

 if you are interested in the job then you are more likely to work harder and enjoy what your doing increasing productivity. 


if you are adaptable you are open to change and can work around and with it meaning you can use the best of both worlds possibly making something even better.  

Being able to manage your time:

if you can manage your time you can get your jobs and projects done on time and maybe early increasing your credit with the manager of your section and increasing your productivity.