characteristics valued by IT employers

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What are the general skills IT employers value?

The general skills an employer would want are different due to the jobs but they do follow a general pattern.

here are the some general skills an IT worker might need. 

General skills that would be valued

  • The ability to  communicate
  • Confidence
  • Clear and open body language  
  • Able to mentor
  • wanting to contribute
  • Teamwork

Why these skills would be valued


An IT Trainer must be able to communicate clearly to their learners otherwise the learners will not be able to work as efficiently because they wont be able to understand what the Trainer is trying to teach.


An IT Trainer should appear confident when teaching so that they can keep the learners mood as work based otherwise they will gradually lose focus on the course and lose confidence in the Trainer who is trying to teach.

Body language:

An IT Trainer should carry themselves in a manner that shows them to be open and friendly, so that the class feel able to ask for help and guidance.


An IT employee who is teaching must be able to teach and mentor in an effective manner, like being able to deal with all the different styles and methods of teaching or they will be failing there students.


an employee should be able  to contribute to the overall workplace, whether that contribution is in productivity, inter work relations or overall efficiency, does not matter but if they can’t contribute then they need to be talked to and worked with to see if there is any thing that can be done to help them.


an employee should be able to work in a team and be a reliable member of that team, a work place is in effect a big team, and if one member of that team is not working it can drag the whole team down. It is not a must that they can be part of a team but it does help if you are because you can get help and support from the other members of that team


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